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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the final step in complete tree removal and there are many reasons to take this final step.  If the tree that was removed was not dead the stump can send up unattractive growth.  Stumps from dead trees can attract wood–eating pests.  And even though we will cut the stump as low to the ground as our equipment permits, there is still the potential trip hazard created if the stump is near areas of foot traffic or in a lawn – not to mention costly damage to lawn mowers!  Many homeowners are removing a diseased or overgrown tree and it is necessary to completely remove the stump before replanting.

Allscape will grind the stump well below ground level to ensure no re–growth and to facilitate replanting.  When stumps are located too close to driveways, septic systems or other landscape elements they should not be pulled out by machine because of the damage removal of the root system can cause to those areas.

Our equipment can fit through any opening 36” or wider and is self–propelled, reducing the potential damage to lawn and garden area, as it is not necessary to maneuver a truck and trailer to the stump location.  After grinding the hole is backfilled with grinding chips or loam – depending on future plans for the location.  Excess grinding chips can be hauled away for disposal or used in the landscape for mulch or compost.

Ratings & Reviews

These guys are awesome! They did a fabulous job, very professional, thorough, net and clean. I would definitely recommend them.

Sarah D.

Prompt, efficient service at a competitive price. Would definitely use again.

Bill S.

Carver, MA

Very professional, used correct equipment to remove 5 pine trees with average height over 70 feet. Cleaned up well after completion.

Jim F.

Plymouth, MA

Great work, and cleanup at reasonable price.

Thomas M.

North Marshfield, MA

The owner not only fulfilled his contact but went a bit beyond, I believe that you would not be disappointed by hiring Allscape.

Kevin P.

Duxbury, MA

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the business!
Plymouth, MA

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